The Magic of Wet Setting

A lot of people have this notion that the Dominicans will make your hair grow. Now I am from Brooklyn NY, and about 15 years ago the Dominicans became popular salons to go to because they had $10 shampoo roller sets. Everybody was getting these shampoo sets, what we called dubees. I have studied there process and technique, because every ones hair was healthy, lengthy, and full of body, styled kind of like a flat wrap with extra body, beautiful. People started getting shampoo sets weekly like clock work it was cheap and appeared to make their hair grow, was it the Dominicans really?
What these Dominican stylist would do is shampoo your hair, condition your hair (for an additional charge), then set your hair on large rollers, once you were dry they would rub a little hair dress creme through your hair and wrap it holding the wrap up with large roller pins. That was it, nothing special, you would leave the salon wrapped up and most people would comb it down the next morning and have a beautiful wrap full of body. They also gave the option of what they called a blow out, where you use a round brush to apply heat to the roots and relax the curl a little for a straighter less bouncy wrap, of course this was an additional charge too. Besides the blow out there was no direct heat to the hair (less damage).
I also looked at the products that was being used and it wasn’t anything of high quality, so I came to the conclusion that its not the Dominicans its the technique of healthy hair, its simple, the less you do to your hair ( less stress) the healthier it will be, if your hair is healthy it won’t break from damage as much and you will be able to keep the hair on your head so you can see the growth instead of having to cut more off during a trim because of damage or watch it fall all over your bathroom floor.
A lot of people buy into the marketing plots of beauty suppliers and products, spending money to suffocate their hair with these at home magic grow products that don’t do what they say they do.  
If you get a professional shampoo set weekly, keep up with your relaxers, treatments and deep conditioners as advised by your cosmetologist and cut out all the at home unnecessary extras you will see a huge difference and less stress in your hair. Make sure that your cosmetologist is educated and uses good products for your hair, and eat well.  This will bring remarkable results for your hair.
This is Hair Addiction LLC bringing you food for thought and your hair.
I’m very interested in getting feedback, I need to hear what you think, and any questions that you may want me to address in my blogs.

4 thoughts on “The Magic of Wet Setting

    1. Thanks, I know that, it is what you put in your body is what produces healthy hair, I am doing a whole blog on that topic in detail. So keep checking this blog for updated blogs. Thanks for the comment.

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