About Hair Addiction LLC

My name is Desiree, I am originally from Brooklyn NY. I have been self employed since I was about 16 having fun in the hair game. Everywhere I went I provided hair care serivces (Brooklyn, Fredonia, and Buffalo NY, Ohio, and now Alpharetta/ Atlanta, GA. I just have an addiction to helping people beautify themselves and feel more confident in their apperance. You will feel like a Diva if you look like a Diva. My work produces sophisticated Divas. Right now I am letting people know that I am here and I provide quality services for the satisfaction of my clients. Hair Addiction LLC is a company that I launched in 2007 and trying to build not only my business, but the whole hair and beauty game. Hair Addiction since then has partnered with a barber and created Mane Attraction in addition to providing hair services, we also educate, provide classes, and promote events in the community from adult after work art shows to double Dutch for fitness. We are filling the void in the hair industry as well as in the community.


3 thoughts on “About Hair Addiction LLC

  1. Are you working in a salon now? If you are trying to build your business, you could put that info here so people could know where they can see you! A Brooklyn girl in Atlanta? God help Atlanta! Cheers!

    1. I need a little more information, what do you mean by straighten (chemically, flat iron, hot comb, thermal, etc)?
      Describe your hair texture and what you are trying to achieve, then I can better answer this question. My apologies.

      Thanks for your comment
      Your Online Hair Care Professional
      Hair Addiction

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