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What are you paying for when you go to get a hair service at your local or regular salon? Are you just paying for your desired look?…. Maybe, or maybe you just don’t like to do your own hair, you may be investing in some “me time” as a break in your busy schedule or you may even just need someone to talk to. People come to the salon for many reasons, and as Professionals we will provide you with all your hair care needs from advise and at home regimens to in salon Services.

Why do you go to the salon? What’s your favorite part?


Here’s some eye candy

Here’s some eye candy

Yes I’m still with y’all, just upgraded myself to a Paul Mitchell Educator and only taking appts Thursday through Saturday. I have been pretty busy but figured that you guys might want to see some of my work and know what’s next. So I will be opening up my classes worldwide via online conferences as well as providing more hands in classes as well as business building basics and sharing industry knowledge. Also look for snippets from my book that will be published soon. Stay connected to our social media as well for updates on any of our services.

@maneattractonconcepts on Instagram and North Atlanta Hair Professionals and mane attraction concepts pages on Facebook.

 Right now I am in need of color models for more print, social media and demo classes.